Working has a traditional cooper for more than 30 years, Jean-Louis Bossuet has founded his cooperage in 1987, with the will to select oak shooks himself and work with the best oak wook to produce quality barrels that would be recognised among greatests "Châteaux de Bordeaux".


Developing and extending his activities with the heart, the traditional cooperage has evolved over the years, gaining many wineries's confidence. The company's head office and workshop have been installed in little village of St Simon de Bordes (3/4 an hour driving from Bordeaux City - 1/2 an hour from Cognac) in 1996.

With consistent support and help from his wife, Christiane, Jean-Louis has developped successively a "stave mill site" and a "cooperage site", selecting wood and grains by himself, and so controlling the entire production chain of the barrels, from the beginning in the forests to the final details of the conception, garanteeing an optimum quality. Since its creation, the cooperage has grown, but has always preserved its quality and traditional way of production.

Traditional and Family Cooperage before anything else

Having grown in the cooperage for years, among oak staves, barrels and coopers, Yoan Bossuet has learnt the art of coopering in his father's workshop over the years. Today, he has joined his father in developing the family traditional cooperage, and has taken in charge a large part of the production. His aim is to enlarge the production, keeping the entire traditional way of production. This double heading Father/Son is garanteeing a transmission of the knowledge that has been the success key of the cooperage and will conserve Bossuet barrels quality for years.


Each wine has its own character and each winery has its own personality. That's why Bossuet Cooperage is consistently evolving with wineries to adapt itself to the different way of breeding and creating quality wines, to create personnalized barrels and products to each winery, following its products all around the world and working has a quality partner with winemakers to help creating quality wines.

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