Team up with Clos de Gat

Distributing Bossuet Barrels in Israel

Bossuet Cooperage is currently extending its activities in Israel with Clos de Gat Vineyards.

Standing in Ayalon Valley, right down Judean Hills, this winery, well known for producing quality wines for years, also distributes Bossuet barrels, made from a special “Kosher” style production, in all the country.

After more than 10 years of using Bossuet barrels for his winemaking, Eyal Rotem, the owner and winemaker, is the right ambassador to represent Tonnellerie Bossuet next to Israel Wineries. Experimented with various varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier, Eyal and his teammates, Limor and Gidi, will provide their best services to Israel winemakers.

With adaptable Logistics, this partnership will allow us to provide regular deliveries according winemaking needs. On a common way, we’ll team up with Clos de Gat, providing technical advices, visiting and tasting wines, certifying quality production and handling delivery until wineries ‘doors.

For any need, information or quote, you can contact Limor Amoyal at or +972(0)29993505.

More information : Clos de Gat Winery

Clos de Gat Winery


Viña Varela Zarranz, Quality Winery in Uruguay

Premium Wines 100% made in Bossuet Barrels

Viña Varela Zarranz is an Uruguayan winery located in Joaquín Suarez, department of Canelones, close from Montevideo. The vineyards are around 180ha (445 acres) big and is dominantly made of Tannat, Marselan and Cabernet Franc used to produce different range of wines.

Santiago Degasperí, winemaker and technical manager of the bodega, is in charge of supervising all the cultures and also producing all the wines, managing 3 million Liters (almost 800 000 gallons) each year, including 270 000 bottles of fine wines.

In 2013, Santiago has started his first trials with some Bossuet barrels, using them to age his best Tannat, the main grape variety of Uruguay, with complete fermentation in barrels. Bossuet barrels style, respecting the wine fruit and refreshing the wines, then seduced the producer.

From there, the winemaker has progressively integrated Bossuet Barrels in his program until finally ageing his Premium wines exclusively in Bossuet Classic and Thiméo barrels. The vintner also uses some Bossuet oeno-Oak staves in tanks on some other quality “Wooden” Cuvées.

The evolution of these Top Wines leaded Viña Varela Zarranz to get a name among the Best Quality Wines in Uruguay and also made the winery to raise its exportations. Many awards have then also been collected by the winery along the last years.

Tonnellerie Bossuet has created many relationships in Uruguay and currently works with many “bodegas” there since 2013. We’re proud to provide barrels and tools adapted to the country grapes varieties, partnering with wineries to do nice ageing and get some top quality wines.

More information : Viña Varela Zarranz

Viña Varela Zarranz


North Gate Wins the Award

Great success at the Governor’s Cup

North Gate Vineyard is a winery in the East Coast of USA, located in the town of Purcellville in Virginia. Mark and Vicky Fedor started the wine production of this winery in the early 2000's. Later, in 2002 they started to plant their first vines and have slowly achieved a local reputation, focusing in grapes as Chardonnay, Viognier, Petit Manseng and some varieties of red grapes from Bordeaux.

Mark Fedor started to work with Tonnellerie Bossuet in 2013. He first started to buy barrels for his white wines, mainly Chardonnay. Then, in 2014 he started also using Bossuet barrels with his red wines (Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc).

The winemaker was so satisfied with the trials that Mark & Vicky invested exclusively in a lot of Bossuet Classic range barrels in 2015, in order to age a Special Cuvée of Petit Verdot.

Petit Verdot, in Virginia, is a very expressive grape variety, with high structure and strong peppery tannins… However, the oak impact with Bossuet Barrels slowly softened the tannins, preserving the fruit expression with violet and blackberries flavors.

The masculine temper of this barrel has preserved the natural structure of the Petit Verdot. 18 months of oak ageing have then allowed the oak to spread his flavors, giving as a result a delicate fruity wine. Mark & Vicky have presented this wine in the most famous competition of Virginia, The Governor’s Cup, where many vineyards of Virginia are taking part each year, showing different wines from their production.

At the end of the competition, the Governor is selecting the 12 best wines of the competition, in order to create his own box, as well as the 12 most successful wines of the year. 

Congratulations Mark & Vicky for your Petit Verdot 2015 that is has been selected to be in the Governor’s box this year! We are pleased and proud that you’ve chosen Bossuet barrels in the production of this wine. Thanks you for your trust!

More information : North Gate Vineyards

North Gate Vineyard and the Governor's Cup 2018


Jamesport celebrates Thimeo

Special Cuvée is Inaugurated after two years of ageing !

Thimeo barrel is a premium barrel that has been created by Tonnellerie Bossuet in 2014. Designed to bring the best of the oak without having the oak flavor, Thiméo barrel optimizes the fruit and brings the necessary finesse to the wines, in order to make prestigious cuvées.

Seduced by this idea, while Thimeo barrel was not in process yet, Ron Goerler, the owner of Jamesport Vineyards, was the first person to experiment this barrel.

Ron Goerler prepared in 2014 best part of his harvest in three new Thimeo barrels. This cuvée has taken 20 months and has been supervised by winemaker, Dean Babiar.

At the end of the ageing, Jamesport Vineyard Wine Club met to enjoy and celebrate the first raising. Thanks to the soft fruit taste and fine ending tannins of this wine, composed of 75% Merlot grapes and 25% Cab Franc grapes, Ron Goerler has announced that a harvest in Thiméo barrels will be done every year with different varieties of grapes, depending on the best fruits of each fall.

If you are coming in this region of New York, you could stop by in Jamesport Vineyards in order to taste the Thiméo Cuvée, limitated to 900 bottles.

Inauguration of Thimeo Cuvée in Jamesport Vineyards


Thimeo Assures the Future

Founder and manager of his own traditional cooperage, Jean-Louis Bossuet wants to transmit his knowledge. That's so naturally that today, he's working in developing the company with his son Yoan, who has started 10 years ago to learn all the aspects of the cooper job, and is now in charge of the production part.

Joy was complete when Jean-Louis understood that the 3rd generation was on his way to pursue the lineage. Thimeo, Yoan's son, aged of 5 years old, is already testing the cooper's tools and is playing imitating the experts around him.

"Later, I'll produce barrels, same way as you're doing, Grandpa!" is already expressing Thimeo. We're early to talk about the Future, but hapiness is to think that a 3rd generation of Traditional Cooper could be on his way.


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