Located between Bordeaux and Cognac, the site of the Bossuet cooperage is constantly evolving at the same time as the company is growing. In 2013, buildings have been extended to allow more space for the coopers to work. A new storage building will be built soon.


The cooperage is producing around 8000 barrels a year, of all different sizes, and according to the wineries different demands, paying full attention to respect all specifications. According to the demands, the cooperage has also recently diversified its production by creating alternatives oak wood products, proposing differents products conforming to winemakers's different needs.


The company is growing, the buildings extended. However, the cooperage still remains entirely traditional. After receiving the wood, workers prepare the staves to the exact dimensions that are needed. Then, the coopers create their own barrels, from beginning to end, respecting all the steps and mastering the various toasts. 

One man, One barrel. Against mass production, Bossuet is one of the last independent traditional cooperages, to supply customized barrels with the guarantee of a high quality production.

A Traditional Toast

At the back of the workshop is located the toasting place. Supplied with wood, the flames are first elevated to the height of the barrel to toast, to bring the necessary power for a high temperature toast. Standing in the centre of the barrel, the blaze brings strong heat to each stave, to go deep inside the oak wood, and thus provide the aromas that will be liberated during the ageing of the wine.

Barrels are toasted with the necessary combination between fire and water, first enabling the wood to be carefully bent, with no cracking, and avoiding any kind of toasting defect such as burning, overheat or blisters on the wood. The evolution of the temperature is meticulously controlled by laser to ensure accuracy and rigor for the required toast. 


Each winery is unique. Each wine has its specificities. Each grape variety has its own character. To adapt the barrel to your own wine, Bossuet Cooperage proposes different kinds of Toasting, bringing different aromas and structure. 7 differents toasts, in the increasing order of intensity:


  • Light
  • Long Light
  • Medium Minus
  • Medium
  • Long Medium
  • Medium Plus
  • Heavy
These different toasts, each one pushing the wood to an exact temperature, will give to the barrels specific aromas, bringing different flavours throughout the wine ageing, and will give to the wood various structural strengths  according to the grape varieties.

A Traditional Cooperage

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