Alternatives Oak Products are permiting winemaking in tanks with many options. Bringing volume and structure and tanins to the wine, as differents degres of wood and aromas according to the product and its toast. Bossuet has made the most of its oak wood benefits to create a range of alternatives oak products. The action is more or less faster according to the product you use. Our range of alternatives has been tested with success in many "Châteaux de Bordeaux" and allows to create round and tasty young wines.


Produced for a winemaking in Tanks, Bossuet Staves are 100% made with French Oak Wood, the same as all products coming from the cooperage. They're toasted using a revolving heat dryer, toasting the wood inside and outside. Conceived for an use from 6 to 10 months according your wines, they bring different flavours, wood impacts and sweetness.

Available Toasts: Light and Medium

Dimensions: 960 x 64 x 12mm

Packaging: Boxes of 20 units.

Fresh Chips

Produced with the same wood as our barrels, our fresh chips are studied to be as small as possible, in the aim to maximize the exchange with the wine as quick as possible. The wood used for their conception is so naturally dried, from 24 to 36 months. This drying is long and natural, the concentration of water is strictly controlled in laboratory before grinding. These chips so bring fast volume and structure, set the fruit and add tanins.

Shape: Small needles from 5 to 20mm.

Drying: Natural, from 24 to 36months.

Packaging: Box of 20Kgs.

Toasted Chips

Produced with similar quality oak shook, our toasted chips are thought differently. Their shape is a bit larger to optimize toasted wood grinding and permit a better and more regular exchange in tank. Toasted the same way as our staves, these chips can be delivered in plastic bag or with infusion bag.

Shape: Small squares from 5 to 10mm

Available Toasts: Light, Medium and Medium Plus

Packaging: Box of 10Kgs.

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